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Syngonium Golden

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The Syngonium Golden is a beautiful houseplant with arrowhead shape leaves. They make for a gorgeous foliage and its compact size makes it apt for any indoor setting. If this was not enough to entice you, its teal pot adds a pop of colour to any space you keep it in.

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Fun Fact

It originates from South America, this plant grows up to 6ft tall, when in its natural habitat.

Placement: Place at an angled corner, near south-facing windows

Care Tips

  •  Partial shade or bright indirect light is apt
  •  Ensure the soil is hydrated, especially during summer
  •  Add potting mix and a container with proper drainage
  •  16-24°C
  •  Fertilise every two weeks during spring and autumn
  •  Fertilise monthly during winter


  •  Wait for half of the soil to dry before watering in winter
  •   Provide warm and humid areas
  •   Add a tray of wet pebbles for humidity
  •   Mist the leaves daily
  •   Re-pot the plant every alternate spring


  •   Expose to direct sun
  •   Allow overgrowth
  •   Wait longer than 2 years before repot
  •   Keep in low humidity conditions

Benefits and Uses

  •  The perfect plant for your dish garden
  •  It has a very attractive foliage that stands out
  •  Imbues positivity

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Syngonium a Philodendron?

 No, it is not. However, it exhibits similar characteristics during the growth phase.

 How to repot Philodendron?

Choose a larger pot with drainage holes, cover the hole with paper, fill a few inches of soil, remove the plant without disturbing the roots, place it in the new pot's centre, and fill the remainder with soil. Water the plant.

 Is Philodendron Green an indoor plant?

 Yes, it is.

Green Vedam’s Syngonium Golden will certainly be a fantastic addition to your home garden. Alongside its looks, it comes with various other benefits and helps create a cosy ambience!

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