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Syngonium, Sanseiveria and Golden Pothos - Terrific Trio

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A terrific trio including 3 fantastic plants for your home garden. The syngonium white is known for its dsitinct, stand out foliage that resembles butterfly wings. The Sansevieria Mother in Law's Tongue (MILT) is infamous for its high resistance nature. And lastly, the Golden Money Plant is symbolises and brings prosperity to your home, a true classic.

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This trio is a perfect touch of nature to your home. These plants are easy to take care of, and Green Vedam assures its aesthetic value!

Care Tips

Syngonium White:

  •  Bright or indirect sunlight
  •  Water moderately
  •  18-30°C
  •  Use organic fertiliser

Sanseveria MILT:

  •  Medium to bright indirect sunlight
  •  Water only when soil is dry
  •  12-30°C
  •  No fertiliser required

Golden Money Plant:

  •  Natural indirect or artificially bright light
  •  50ml of water (1 cup) when 1-2 inches of topsoil feel dry
  •  15-30°C
  •  Fertilise organically once a month

Benefits and Uses

  • Clear the air of CO2 and toxins as they are air purifying plants
  • Can be placed in any room of your choice, they mesh well with any kind of interior decor
  • Low effort plants 

Watch Out For

  •  Ensure the drainage holes are not covered
  •  Do not overwater or it may lead to wilted leaves
  •  Do not keep in low temperature conditions 
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