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Triangle Cactus/Fairy Castle Cactus

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The triangle cactus or fairy castle cactus is a special cactus grown in North America, with long vertical stems or varying heights, resembling the towers of a fairy castle. Scientifically known as Cereus tetragonus, this cactus is one of the best beginner plants for aspiring gardeners. 

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Fun Fact

The fairy castle cactus rarely blooms except in near-perfect conditions, when it produces large white flowers.

Placement: Outdoors with full sunlight exposure

Care Tips

  •  Full, direct sunlight
  •  Water only when soil is completely dry
  •  Well-drained potting soil with sand and perlite
  •  -1.1°C minimum
  •  Fertilise with organic fertiliser in spring


  •  Ensure complete soil dryness before watering
  •  Water until water seeps out of the hole at the bottom of the pot
  •  Re-pot every other year, as necessary
  •  Wait for the cut end to dry before replanting


  •  Overwater
  •  Fertilise in winter
  •  Expose to drafts or air conditioning 

Benefits and Uses

  •  Very visually appealing and elegant
  •  Low maintenance
  •  Improves interior architecture
  •  Graceful appearance
  •  Varied silhouettes
  •  Air purification

Frequently Asked Questions

How to take care of a fairy castle cactus?

Full sun, well-drained soil, watering only when soil dries, and feeding fertiliser monthly in spring.

When should I re-pot fairy castle cactus?

Re-pot when roots spread and cactus outgrows its current pot.

How much light does fairy castle cactus need?

Full, direct, bright sunlight.

How long does a fairy cactus take to grow?

Up to 10 years.

Add a sprinkle of magic to your home with Green Vedum’s low maintenance Fairy Castle Cactus, enhancing your home with its unusually striking figure!

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