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ZZ plant

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The ZZ is an Eastern American based leafy plant that has sheer emerald looking leaves. The plant is visually appealing and has great health benefits, moreover, it is a natural air purifier. The plant is one of the best house plants however, every part of the plant is poisonous and cannot be consumed. 

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Fun Fact:

The plant is a professional when it comes to doing nothing. The plant remains the same endlessly neither does it die nor does it grow. 

Placement: Any corner with limited daylight, the plant prefers indirect sunlight 

Care Tips

  • Limited indirect natural light
  • Water every few weeks, water only when the soil seems dry
  •  Low dose fertilisers twice every year
  • Prefers room temperature of 13-27 C
  • Plant in porous soil


  • Keep away from kids and pets
  • Use diluted fertilisers
  • Make the soil mineral-rich before planting


  • Let your pet or kid go near it as every part of the plant is poisonous
  • Place in colder temperatures below 11C
  • Fertilise in winter

Benefits and Uses

  • Air purifier
  • Low maintenance
  • Adorn the house with emerald green radiance
  • Requires least watering and care 

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall does a ZZ plant grow?

5 feet

Why is the plant called the ZZ plant?

It is the abbreviation for its actual name- Zanzibar Gem

What is the mode of proportion involved in the case of ZZ plants?

Mainly, Division, Stem cutting is also used sometimes 

The green gem called ZZ from Eastern America raised by Green Vedam is an absolute magnificence. You can buy this plant to adorn any corner of your house and literally forget the plant after placing it. It will keep on living in the temperatures you love being in and prevail the same. You might change but the plant will always be the same, adorning your house beautifully. 

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